Set Sail

With sunset quickly approaching, I carefully stepped onto my cousin’s mid-size, white boat, docked behind their home in the Intracoastal Waterway in Lighthouse Point, Florida. I wish I could give a better description than a “mid-size, white boat,” but I’m not exactly what you would call a boat expert. I like to ride on them, but I can’t name anything other than a pontoon. I was just happy I didn’t slip and fall into the water; I’m normally pretty clumsy.

My aunt Tammy, boyfriend Ben, cousins Lee and Dave on Dave’s boat in a very poor quality photo!

“Are you going to be warm enough in that?” my cousin Dave asked.

I looked down at the light cardigan I was wearing. I knew it would be chilly on the boat, but I didn’t know it would be that chilly, as my aunt and cousins insisted. Dave ran back inside and brought me his cozy North Face jacket. Being the expert sailors they are, I knew it would be in my best interest to take their word for it. Naturally, they were right.

After Dave and Lee undocked the boat, we set off along the Intracoastal for a sail into the sunset. It sounds corny, but what better opportunity for a beautiful view? We cruised past the numerous luxurious mansions that lined the waterway and picked out our favorites. Tuscan-style villa with a hot tub and swimming pool? Cape Cod “cottage” with a secluded patio? I’ll take one of each please. Wishful thinking!


We neared the end of the Intracoastal where the waterway meets the ocean. A black-and-white lighthouse stood at the edge of the charming land surrounded by flowing palm trees and an elegant white building. I’m convinced this is one of the most picturesque settings I have seen. It’s no wonder Dave got married there, he reminded us.

As night quickly fell, I was overwhelmed by how dark it was looking out into the ocean. It’s not like an interstate; there are not light posts in the middle of the ocean. It seemed a little eerie. I couldn’t imagine being on the open sea in total darkness. I was glad to appreciate the scenery and turn back toward well-lit civilization along the Intracoastal.

The 20-or-so-minute sail back to Dave’s was a peaceful one as the darkness brought a sense of stillness, even despite the boat moving so quickly. The night also brought the chill in the air, and I was grateful to have the warm fleece jacket. As I looked on toward the open water, I thought: despite knowing very little about boats, I sure do love being on the water. The serenity that comes with it undoubtedly puts me in my best element.


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